Healthy Lifestyles

Thurrock Healthy Lifestyle Service

Thurrock Healthy Lifestyle Service offers an initial assessment of your health.

Depending on the results of the assessment, you can get free help to improve your health


Thurrock Healthy Lifestyle Service

Call: 0800 292 2299


Phone Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Click the button below to complete the simple request form to ask for an assessment

Help to stop smoking

Here you will find support to help you give up smoking

Help to have a healthy weight

Here you we find information to help you manage a balanced diet

Health checks and screening

Checks look for early signs of health problems or illnesses

Sexual/reproductive health

Find sexual health advice and support here

Memory loss and dementia

Find out about local services here

Drugs and alcohol support

Find out about local support services

Home from hospital

BYS supports people to settle home from hospital