Helping to Hold Families Together

Parents’ Aid understands that the pressures of everyday living and the challenges to received standards of parenting imposed by modern society can leave parents feeling bewildered, isolated, overwhelmed and with the sense of no longer being able to cope. Asking for help at this juncture can be one of the hardest things a parent can do, for fear of being judged and labelled by others. Parents’ Aid acknowledges the difficulties parents experience when seeking information on resources  for assistance in addressing problem areas available in their area.
Whether your family needs *support, *practical help, *encouragement to work with Social Services, *assistance with problems bringing up children, *advocacy whilst undergoing Child Protection Investigation or whilst children are in care, family mediation, * conflict management, * parenting support or simply just *information, we are here to help you. To find out how Parents’ Aid might be of assistance you, please call our information line 01268 763631/07890 861255, or send an e-mail to
Any individual within the United Kingdom is welcome to access our website and information line and we regularly receive enquiries from all over the country.