Tilbury CLLD start up and small (SME) business improvement grants


The minimum size grant application is £2,000 for new businesses, with £1,000 provided by Tilbury CLLD grant and the remaining £1,000 funded by the business.

For business frontage improvements the Council is able to offer a 95% grant contribution and the minimum size grant application is £1,053.  All monies must be spent by 31 March 2023. 

The maximum project size is £8,000 for both new businesses and business frontage improvements.  In exceptional circumstances, for example where new jobs are created, a higher grant award may be considered.


Business Start-up Grants
(Available to all small and medium sized businesses (SMEs*) in selected parts of Tilbury)

Business Frontage Improvement Grants
(Available to all small and medium sized businesses (SMEs*) in selected parts of Tilbury)
Where do I have to be based?
Companies can apply for grant funding if they are in Tilbury St Chads or Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park Wards. Please use the postcode checker to make sure you are eligible.

Where do I have to be based?
For businesses looking to improve their business frontage you must be based on Calcutta Road, St Chads Road, Montreal Road, in Civic Square or on Dock Road, between Russell Road and Montreal Road.
What is funded?

(Individual items under £4,000)
IT hardware
Phone systems and mobile phones
Uniforms (if branded)
Materials and equipment (not for sale)

Marketing, publicity costs
Website development costs
Products for display or demonstration (not for sale)
Advertising your business

Procured goods/services/works
IT software
Business certification and accreditation
External consultants
Facilities hire
Support for efficiency improvements

What is funded?

Appearance and marketing enhancements
Marketing and advertising such as window displays
New glass frontage (where linked to improved appearance and/or energy efficiency)
Display lighting (linked to low           carbon/energy efficiency)
Brick cleaning
Cleaning and improvement of shutters (not new installations)
External painting
Products for display or demonstration (not stock or items to be sold)

How many new businesses do we want to support with grant funding?
How many business frontages do we want to see improved with grant funding?

Other project targets?

We want more jobs to be created in Tilbury. Projects which offer additional jobs will achieve higher scoring during the application assessment.

*SMEs are individual firms which have less than 250 employees and a turnover under £44million (€50million).

Some business sectors are not eligible, including:

  • Banking and insurance, including insurance brokers
  • Educational establishments providing generalised (school age) education
  • Charities and voluntary sector organisations (without a trading arm)
  • Membership organisations that are politically affiliated
When are grants going to be available?

There is currently an open call for proposals which can be submitted at any time.

Next Steps

I would like to apply for a grant? What is the first step?

Step 1. Your business need to be based in the Tilbury CLLD area. If you think you are, now check using the Tilbury Postcode Lookup .

My postcode is a match. What next? 

Step 2. You will need to complete an Eligibility Questionnaire, Click here to download

All potential applicants can contact Thurrock Borough Council’s CLLD team by email tilburyCLLD@thurrock.gov.uk for support in completing questionnaires.

  • Once we have received your completed questionnaire, the Local Action Group (LAG) will assess it against the project’s eligibility criteria
  • If everything is OK you will be asked to fill in a grant application.

My business is eligible. I have been asked to complete a grant application form. Will I get help to do this? 

Step 3. You need to complete a Grant Application Form

  • Again, applicants can contact Thurrock Council’s CLLD team by email tilburyCLLD@thurrock.gov.uk for support in completing forms.
  • You will also be able to have telephone support from an EU funding expert to answer any questions you may have

(You might also find it helpful to look at Tilbury CLLDs Sustainable Development Policy and Equality and equal opportunities Policy)

I have completed and submitted my Grant Application Form. What happens next?

  • All applications will be assessed against a standard set of questions and scored. This is to make sure that all the requirements of the European funds are met.
  • The LAG will then review and decide if your grant is approved.

Tilbury CLLD is part funded by the European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF). The project will run until December 2022. Grant funding has been made available to the project from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) which forms part of the ESIF fund.