Grants for organisations supporting people into work and training

Could you help support people to get into work and training?
Do you have the knowledge and expertise to provide support, skills development, training, empowerment and wellbeing?

Tilbury CLLD is an exciting and innovative project that aims to reach out to those living in Tilbury, who face considerable barriers to getting into work, help them to overcome these. Thurrock Council, which is leading the project, is calling for organisations to apply for grants to provide practical and sustained support to those who need to overcome issues in respect of work, training and business.

Tilbury CLLD is part-funded by the European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF). The programme will run until December 2022. Grant funding of up to £500,000 from the European Social Fund is available and there is an open call for proposals. All grant applicants will be required to secure equivalent match funding

The project aims to harness strong existing ties and establish new ones, with community, private and public sector organisations that share a desire to use the opportunity that Community Led Local Development (CLLD) will bring to Tilbury’s communities. CLLD puts the community at the heart of developing specific, tailored and accessible services and support that goes beyond current provision in the area. Support and services can be made available only to people living in specific postcode areas of Tilbury. The TILBURY CLLD map shows the project area and the TILBURY CLLD Postcode List allows you to check eligibility.

There is now an open call for proposals which will be assessed and presented to the earliest possible Local Action Group (LAG) meeting.  You should download the eligibility questionnaire at Step 2 below which will form the basis for a discussion with the Programme Team.  LAG meeting dates for 2021 are:

  • 26th April
  • 21st June
  • 16th August
  • 25th October
  • 13th December

What does the project want to achieve?

The governing board for the project, the Tilbury Local Action Group (LAG), has identified three strategic actions that will meet the project’s objectives
Support local people to access local jobs and develop their skills Total programme budget
Employment readiness and skills support run in Tilbury, aimed at individuals facing specific barriers to employment or training £1,000,000
Tackle the barriers facing people furthest from the labour market Total programme budget
Bespoke training, mentoring and work readiness activity run in Tilbury to support individuals who face multiple and complex barriers to employment or training;

Helping organisations and networks to advocate for and to champion local people with physical and mental health issues, substance abuse and other issues that act as barriers into work;

Working with existing services to reach people needing extra support and to maximise the use of current provision.
Encourage local civic action, pride and volunteering as routes into work for the strategy Total programme budget
A programme of outreach and capacity building to enable residents to volunteer and take part in other community work that will enable them to gain job-relevant skills and experience £500,00

If you would like further information, please read the TILBURY CLLD Project Strategy


Understanding the Grant Funding

To understand the operation of the grant programme you will need to download and read the following:

Please note, both the guidance notes and grant manual provide links to the European funding requirements. They are often detailed but it is important that you understand what funding cannot be paid by the project.

You may also find it helpful to download and look at the following:

Next Steps

tep 1. Download the Tilbury CLLD call for proposals

Step 2. Download the Tilbury CLLD Eligibility Questionnaire (EQ)

Once you are advised that your EQ has been successful, you should then move to:

Step 3. Download the Tilbury CLLD project application form , Financial Table(document one) and Output / Results Table(document two).

What happens after I have submitted my full application?
  • All projects will be assessed using a standardised project assessment method. If you would like to see this, please refer to the Tilbury CLLD Grant Assessment Form
  • The Local Action Group will review and make its decision.
  • If you have been successful you will be sent an award letter and a funding agreement template.