The Stronger Together Partnership was formed in 2013 as a voluntary response to the need to pool scarce resource to better support initiatives that engage with communities from a person centred approach.

  • A movement of the willing and committed including associations, voluntary sector, faith and public sector services

  • Ethos of promoting what is strong, not what is wrong!

  • Led by Adult Social Care and CVS recognising the potential impact for both prevention and better health and wellbeing outcomes for citizens

Principles of Stronger Together Thurrock:

  1. Neighbourhood based: what happens in the community where we live is what matters to us most
  2. Focus on strengths: harnessing the strengths and potential of individuals and groups to help people help themselves.
  3. Citizen-led: Things work best when local people are given the driving seat.
  4. Relationship building: We thrive when we are connected; we can all help each other stay connected.
  5. Social Justice: Ensuring that an inclusive approach is at the heart of Stronger Together.


Stronger Together has taken an active involvement in some projects led by partners which reflect the above principles.

These include:

  • Community Hubs
  • Local Area Coordinators Programme
  • TimeBanking
  • Shared Lives
  • Social Prescribing
  • Micro Enterprises
  • Your Place Your Voice
  • Place Based Giving – Give it for Thurrock