Community Led Support is the new approach to Adult Social Care being introduced initially to the Tilbury and Chadwell area (including East Tilbury, West Tilbury and Linford)

How will it work?

People living in Tilbury, East Tilbury, West Tilbury, Linford and Chadwell will be offered the opportunity to have a face to face discussion with a member of the team in a convenient location close to where they live

What are the benefits of our new approach?

  • To bring adult social care out in to the community
  • More accessible support for people

Tailored solutions for people – e.g. finding activities and organisations in the local area that can help achieve the things that matter most to them

How can the team be contacted?

  • Call Thurrock First 01375 511 000

Why is this service not available across the whole Borough?

This is a new approach and we are introducing it to one part of the Borough first. This does not affect our ability to provide people living elsewhere with access to social care when required.

If and as the approach is successful we will broaden it to other areas in the Borough.