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Here you can view the latest Government guidance, health advice, and support resources including; local food deliveries and suppliers and support for organisations and Businesses in Thurrock

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Find out more about the place you live.  This page will be added to as we are asking people to submit their own Thurrock stories.

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Being involved in your local community has many benefits, personally and for your neighbourhood. Anyone and everyone can be involved.

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All the latest news from in and around Thurrock including positive news stories, information and guidance

Thurrock Stronger Together
Stronger Together

Stronger Together promotes local, community activities that strengthen the connections between people, providing opportunities to make a difference.

Good neighbors talk on the border of their farms

Find out how to create a neighbourhood network sharing information, support and random acts of kindness


During lockdown, many events are being held virtually.  If you have an event, let us know and we will put it on the calendar.

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Strengthening connections within our community is key to our mental wellbeing. Stronger Together Thurrock promotes local, community activities, encouraging people to have a greater say in what happens in their neighbourhood.
Join the community: http://orlo.uk/uMHMb

We know how important nature and physical activity are in boosting our wellbeing, and gardening combines the two! Find out how a local GP, Dr Tamasi Basu took up gardening during lockdown and how it benefited her wellbeing: https://spark.adobe.com/page/iEPaDJROupTQg/

The Month of Community 🌟 starts with The Big Lunch weekend from 5 June, and supports charitable events this summer.
Why not host your own big lunch and support a local cause? 🥪 🍰
Join online, on your doorstep, or over the fence!
Big Lunch pack here: https://tinyurl.com/yh6ys5uf

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