Little Thurrock

Little Thurrock Community Forum is an independent non political voluntary group made up of representatives from the local community including residents, Councillors, Local Authority Representatives, schools, local businesses, voluntary, community and faith groups.Little Thurrock Forum looks to influence the  decision making process affecting the Ward of Little Thurrock Rectory (including Thurrock Park pre June 2004 boundary), Borough wide decisions and Regional and National policy decisions.We are allocated an annual Administration budget from Thurrock Council and we can apply for funding from other sources.  We use this money to improve or create local projects to benefit the local Community.  By attending the forum meetings you can have a say in what projects the Forum undertakes and how this money is spent.The Management Committee of Little Thurrock Forum, NGAGE and the Chairs of the other local Community Forums aim to keep the Community Forum project going and will be looking for alternative funding streams

Minutes, Meetings, News and Members

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Code of Conduct at Public Forum Meetings

  • All members shall be open and honest in their dealings and show respect for other members
  • All speakers will address themselves through the Chairperson
  • Only one person shall speak at a time
  • All speakers shall be polite and not raise their voices
  • All speakers shall respect all others in attendance and shall not use offensive language.
  • All forums observe equal opportunities and respect diversity of all community members.  Racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic and discriminatory language aimed at disabled people will not be acceptable or tolerated so please do not air personal views that are likely to offend.
  • All speakers will keep to the subject under discussion
  • Unless there are exceptional circumstances, each person may speak only once on an issue until every other member has had the opportunity to speak thereby accounting for all opinions
  • All members shall abide by the decisions taken at meetings
  • If any member does not abide by the Code of Conduct, there will be a warning that if they break the Code of Conduct they may be asked to leave the meeting
  • The offending member will be told that three warnings will be given and this is the first warning
  • The offending member will be told that there may be two further warnings and at the third case shall ask the meeting to vote on whether the member should be asked to leave the meeting
  • In the event of there being a conflict of interest (or potential conflict of interest) this must be disclosed to the meeting and if necessary, the member who has disclosed the conflict, (or potential conflict), whether financial or non-financial, shall absent themselves from the meeting whilst the subject is under discussion.  Political references shall be avoided.

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