Your Road is My Road is OurRoad

OurRoad is a super easy network of local groups, roads, clubs and apartment buildings who want to stay connected.

OurRoad is a new concept that

• is looking to connect people to their communities
• to share and exchange trusted information
• to learn more about what is going on locally

By linking to OurRoad and registering your group with a listing on the Stronger Together Directory you can do all of the above and more.

How do you start?

Well, if you’re already on a WhatsApp group or perhaps a closed Facebook group, then it’s quick and simple to register it. We don’t want everybody’s information – we’ll leave that to you, but submit one contact name so we can help interested new members get in touch with you.

If you’re not aware if there is a group set up already, check our listings (you can search by area, so it’s super easy!)

If we have nothing listed, perhaps this is your chance to set one up. We’re here to help with that too. We’ve got a bunch of helpful documents you can download below – like invites you can post through your neighbours doors, or an ideas sheet on how to help your neighbours.

But why do I have to submit my information?

Rather than us trying to be involved with all the groups (which we wouldn’t want to do, or quite frankly, be very good at it…) we have set up an invite-only OurRoad Hub for all the organsers.

As an organiser, we will send you an invite to the OurRoad hub where you will be able to:

• See useful information which you can share
• Receive inspiration to grow your group and connect with people
• Find out about opportunities to get involved in the wider community
• Share with other group leaders suggestions and ask for help if you need it

There are no rules to setting up your group, running your group or the activities it does. It’s up to you and your group! We are just here to help and support you if you need it.


There are no real fixed rules for OurRoad – nobody is going to check up on you and your group. There are no best way for how it should be run, by who or for how long. It’s up to you and your neighbours. We’re just here to support you.

OurRoad Training

OurRoad Introduction Letter

Help Your Neighbours

OurRoad Invitations

OurRoad Orange Poster

OurRoad B&W Poster

OurRoad White Poster