Your Road is My Road is OurRoad

What is OurRoad?

OurRoad is a series of resources to support and connect people.  It helps to inspire people to come together and encourage friendlier, safer and stronger neighbourhoods.  By sharing skills, resources and time, people can make a positive impact or change in the place where they live.

Many people helped and supported each other during Lockdown 2020 and from the simple act of helping another person to get their shopping.  Imagine a place where neighbours always helped each other.  Where your street was full of friends and you worked together to improve each others lives.  Where the things that you wanted to change was possible.

OurRoad is a concept where using tools like the Stronger Together Directory, everyone in Thurrock:

  • Can find information about their local area
  • Makes connections to their neighbours
  • Has the confidence to get involved
  • Has a voice that is heard
  • Finds support when they need it
  • Feels included
  • Feels valued and respected
  • Can contribute by helping others and volunteering
  • Can be active in making a change, even if its only on your doorstep


OurRoad has a Facebook Page where you can chat and discuss ideas for improving your life and your environment, share information and become more involved in where you live.


There are resources on this page to help you with hints and tips:

  • Helping your neighbours
  • Training
  • Creating a neighbourhood OurRoad group

OurRoad Connectors

You can get a little more involved with your community by becoming a OurRoad connector.   OurRoad connectors help neighbourhoods grow strong, share trusted information and help people help themselves.

If you would like more information about being an OurRoad connector, contact one of our Community Builders on info@thurrockcvs.org.


Existing Groups

If you are part of an existing neighbourhood Facebook or informal group, connect with OurRoad Facebook and let us know what you are doing.  Share your successes and stories and help Thurrock be Stronger Together.



There are no real fixed rules for OurRoad – its just about creating a space where we can all join in and contribute.

The ultimate goal is that we can all help to create a place we love, improve happiness and well being and make positive changes for you and for your neighbours.


OurRoad Training

OurRoad Introduction Letter

Help Your Neighbours

OurRoad Invitations

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