Your Road is My Road is OurRoad

What‘s OurRoad?

OurRoad is a series of helpful resources with hints and tips to support and connect people and their communities. It can help to inspire people to come together and encourage friendlier, safer and stronger neighbourhoods by sharing their skills, resources and time to help each other. 


Imagine a place where neighbours always helped each other, where your roads or streets were full of friends who came together to help one another. Where the things that you wanted to change was possible.

Resources on this page include:

  • Helping your neighbours
  • Training
  • Creating a neighbourhood OurRoad group


OurRoad has a Facebook Page where you can chat and discuss ideas for improving your life and your environment, share information and become more involved in where you live.

Help your Neighbour

Whether it’s helping the elderly, the vulnerable or the lonely

Become an OurRoad Connector

You can get a little more involved with your community by becoming an OurRoad connector.   OurRoad connectors help neighbourhoods grow strong, share trusted information and help people help themselves.

If you would like more information about becoming an OurRoad Connector, contact Jacqui Payne, Head of Infrastructure & Community Development on jacqui.payne@thurrockcvs.org or call 01375 389893.


Let us know about your neighbourhood group

If you are part of an existing neighbourhood Facebook or informal group, connect with OurRoad Facebook and let us know what you are doing.  Share your successes and stories and help Thurrock to be Stronger Together.

There are no real fixed rules for OurRoad – it’s just about creating a space where we can all join together and contribute to helping improve our communities

OurRoad Training

OurRoad Introduction Letter

Help Your Neighbours

OurRoad Invitations

OurRoad Orange Poster

OurRoad B&W Poster

OurRoad White Poster