Your Road is My Road is OurRoad

Here at OurRoad we have some hopes for a future after the pandemic is over, and lockdown has lifted.

Many of our team were, (and still are), part of the community effort to help support thousands of people across Thurrock with food parcels and essential medication deliveries.

One of the biggest surprises for us was the community spirit. We might have matched up a volunteer with a resident, but what we didn’t see is that, that volunteer would go on and continue to help that resident long into the future.
We have dreams where we all continue to be great neighbours. Dreams where we ask for no permission before we lend a ladder to the guy next door, walk a elderly persons dog who might still be shielding, or take in a parcel for the working mum. whatever it is, OurRoad is designed to help us all continue to be great neighbours.

OurRoad is a simple idea – to create a local group for you and your neighbours, whether that is on WhatsApp or Facebook or any other way you think would work.

The OurRoad behind the scenes team have create a bunch of helpful tricks, ideas and handouts to help you introduce OurRoad to your neighbours, including invites and posters. Check them out below.

There are no real fixed rules for OurRoad – nobody is going to check up on you and your group. There are no best way for how it should be run, by who or for how long. It’s up to you and your neighbours. We’re just here to support you.

Step 1 – Let’s check if there is already one set up for your road.

Each OurRoad has a Stronger Together Directory listing. Search the Directory under the area categories to see all the OurRoad listings there are.

Step 2 – If there isn’t one already set up for your road, create an account with the Stronger Together Directory and “Add a Listing”

Decide what your OurRoad looks like, will it be for everyone in our road; a few neighbours; a couple of floors of a block of flats or your whole village?  If you live in a long road, you may decide to include half the houses.  If you live in a small road, you may like to include adjacent roads too.

Step 3 – Then, set up a Facebook Group. You can use the name OurRoad and then the name of the streets/roads eg: OurRoad Lodge Lane.

There is a helpful guide below to show you how to set up a Facebook Group below.

Step 4 – Start Inviting!

There is a handy poster that you can print at home and display in your window, along with invites to you can post to your neighbours to invite them to your new OurRoad Facebook group.

Step 5 – Let the OurRoad team know you have created your own OurRoad

So we can share new updates and invite you to our ‘OurRoad organisers private Facebook page’, e-mail Here you can chat to other organisers, share suggestions for other roads, and ask for help if something has come up you’re not sure about.

Step 6 – Stay in touch with your new OurRoad neighbours

Use your Facebook Group and WhatsApp to stay in touch and communicate to your neighbours.

OurRoad Training

OurRoad Introduction Letter

Help Your Neighbours

OurRoad Invitations

OurRoad Orange Poster

OurRoad B&W Poster

OurRoad White Poster