What is this directory for?

This directory is for everyone who lives, visits or works in Thurrock. It helps you find services, support and activities that you are interested in. If you have just moved into the area, its a good way of integrating quickly and accessing everything Thurrock has to offer.

I am a business, can I put an advert on the directory?

At the moment the Stronger Together Directory is not allowing any private business advertising. If you are a small business, or interested in setting up a small service that supports people in your local community, either paid or voluntary, you could potentially register as a Micro Enterpise. For further information, please contact Thurrock Micro Enterprises.

Do I have to pay for my listing?

No, all listings are free. The Stronger Together Directory’s purpose is to inform and connect communities by embracing all of Thurrock’s assets and most importantly, to use services locally where we can.

What happens to the information I put in my listing, who can see it and what can they do with it?

Your listing can be seen publicly. People looking at your listing can contact you, so make sure your details are correct and that you are happy to share them. Check out the Privacy Document to see what people can do with your listing information eg: your photographs etc.

What if I do not offer the service or group any more, how do I stop people contacting me?

If anything about your listing changes, you should make appropriate edits. You can remove your listing and delete your account by contacting the admin team socialmedia@thurrockcvs.org.

Who runs the Stronger Together Directory and what will you do with my information?

The Stronger Together Directory is administered by Thurrock CVS as part of the Stronger Together Partnership. Thurrock CVS does not do anything with your information such as sharing with third parties, however, anything you put within your listing can be seen publicly. Thurrock CVS simply hosts the Stronger Together Directory platform, updates news items and monitors that all listings follow the guidelines as set out.

Full Terms and Use of the Directory