About Better Care Together

Our shared vision

‘All the main social care and health organisations are working together to improve how we support people in the community’

What is our goal?

To provide better outcomes for people that are closer to home, holistic and that create efficiencies within the Health and Care system

What is Better Care Together

  • Bringing professionals who support people to work better together

  • Bringing health and care together to ensure better quality services and value for money

  • Working with communities as equals to ensure they are involved in shaping and co-designing services

  • Preventing illness and poor health, and supporting people to learn more about their own health and wellbeing

Phase I: Successes to date

1.Community Led Support (CLS)  pilot in October 2018 (NDTI).  Community based social care teams – e.g. Talking shops

2.Four CLS Teams – one in each PCN across Thurrock 2020, evaluation proved concept and benefits

3.New ‘Wellbeing Teams’ recruited and launched July 2019, innovative approach to providing home care (Buurtzorg)

4.Purchase of new assistive technology (e.g. Brain in Hand) & staff training to support people in the community (prevent, reduce, delay)