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A member of the public who I met at the Welcome Community Forums contacted me to that me know what she had gone to Allcures Pharmacy to have her fourth vaccination today after I informed her last week that EPUT were going to be there administering the vaccine/boosters. She was glad she had the opportunity to have her fourth vaccine and that it was local in East Tilbury for the first time. Will report as a good news story.

Spoke with an expectant mother, in her mid-20s. She had the first two vaccinations prior to falling pregnant but had not had the booster as she was unsure of the effects it may have on her pregnancy. After explaining that the vaccines have been tested and the data shows that they will only help protect her and the baby, I gave her details of a particular website that could help with her fears and she said she would speak to her midwifery team and GP which she had not considered before.

Speaking to a member of the public I was told a person had severe anxiety and a needle phobia but has managed to get 2 vaccinations and is feeling so proud of himself along with a great sense of relief.