Dementia Crisis Support Team

When the screening stage is completed, the referral is sent to a duty nurse to triage. The duty nurse may also contact you to gather more information or to arrange a shared visit

The duty nurse will share the information with our team of professionals in MDT meetings which are held Monday to Friday and a case discussion is held with our Dementia Consultants who will be able to make decisions around prescribing medication

Our professionals include Registered Nurses, Dementia Consultants and the Dementia Specialist Lead from Thurrock Social Care

Please note: There are no MDT meetings at the weekend, Dementia Consultants will not be available. This means that weekend referrals are not going to be discussed with our professionals until the next Monday

If you suspect the service user may be experiencing an infection, please advise GP in the first instance, as DCST will not be able to prescribe Dementia medication if an infection needs to be treated

Please refer to our patient leaflet for further information with regards to the support we offer our patients