Encounter Arena Community Support

Covid-19 Standing with You

The Encounter Arena church would like to support the local community in Tilbury and surrounding area through a project for the next 6 months. With thanks to the government and TNL community support.

Our three main objectives: 

  1. Food to the local community through a home garage food bank every 1st Saturday of the month from August 2020. For details of address and contact details please see the attached flyer. We will also distribute food and clothing and packs to local homeless shelters and foodbanks.
  2. Health and immunity is key at this time, we have an early morning adult fitness session available Every Saturday from 7am-8am to  get you feeling and looking great.
  3. To keep our children active, we will also be providing free drum lessons for children  aged 5-10 by appointment.

Please visit our website: www.encounterarena.org

Facebook and instagram: @encounterarena