Girls Empowerment Initiative UK CIC

Providing support for BAME women and girls- Rebounce and Rapid Support

Girls Empowerment Initiative UK CIC works with BAME girls and all girls aged 0-18 and those above with special needs. We recognise that girls face unique challenges due to their age and gender and some beliefs, attitudes and practices that understand their full physical and emotional development. In response to their needs we offer face to face(social distancing) and group empowerment support for girls to build their confidence, achieve goals and walk in the fullness of their potential. Every Tuesday at 8pm we offer Facebook Live Girls Empowerment Talk. Our purple styled office is that to provide a safe space to get therapy, mentorship and to rise above challenges. 


Q Do you help only BAME girls?

We also welcome girls of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate. We have realised all girls face same challenges.

Q I am a dad with 3 daughters. Can I take part?

Our project recognises boys and fathers as key partners. We usually have programmes for parents via online or face to face. Feel free to contact us to join parents support group on WhatsApp and Facebook. Our project reaches out to everyone but our target beneficiaries are girls. Whole families can get support?

Q Are you offering face to face empowerment support programmes?

At the moment our girls empowerment clubs in schools and office activities suspended programmes. However, we have a parents WhatsApp Group and also a Facebook page for parents.Please ensure you join us. We have built safe spaces for girls through the Virtual Girls Empowerment Club. Also, make sure you join us for Live Facebook Girls Empowerment Talk every Tuesday at 8pm. We provide support with advice and guidance.

Q Do you offer Advocacy and Support services@

Yes we do. We have many BAME women and girls who struggle understanding processes when they are dealing with mainstream services. We are here to provide support through our programme called Walking with you on your Empowerment Journey. We will always come support you in meetings and also where you do not understand communication. Request our form through We also here to give emotional support.

Q Do you offer confidence building programmes for girls and women?

This is the key of our work. We have realised that BAME women and girls lost confidence. They have been body shamed. Some live in abusive relationships even from a young age. If you lost your confidence, please send a request for One2One empowerment support. We can do it via Digital Delivery services. You can join a peer group too. If you are anxious and worried please remember to call us.

Q Do you raise awareness on Female Genital Mutilation?

Yes we do. Creating awareness on Female Genital Mutilation amongst the girls has been most helpful. A lot of girls did not know about it. Also, we create awareness on FGM and 30 other hamrful cultural and religious practices. We also create awarness on good and safe cultural practices to parents. Our trainings for FGM and 30 other cultural programmes provide the so much needed knowledge and understanding to police and other professionals.

Q Why do you help girls alone?

Girls are our primary target. Those who started this organisation are survivors with lived experiences. This organisation came because as the girls they experienced discrimination, gender based violence and societies that value boys more. To address this they had to put this programme. However, we are not saying do not have problems. Boys are children are equally affected by harmful cultural practives. Our programmes provide specialist help for girls.

Q Are supporting those affected by COVID19 and what support are you providing?

Our COVID19 programme has reached out to parents and provided a Digital Rebounce and Rapid assessments, empowerment, welfare check and Virtual Empowerment Girls Club. Some girls have been recepients of our support; laptops to do homework if deprived, emotional support, advising relatives with children whose parents died. We reached out with food and other basic needs support. Thanks to National Lottery Community Fund, BBC Children in need and Thurrock Development Grant. Because of this support we continue providing support to BAME girls and their parents. We are launching Phase 2 of the programme to ensure all BAME girls and women Rebounce and get support to return to their normal lives.