One Community Development Trust

One Community was established during the recession of 2008. We exist to give local
people a community they are proud to live and work during their lifetime. We do this
through many person centred projects responding to the needs people in the area. Our
core objectives is to develop the capacity and skills of local people; to work in
partnership with others to promote community well being; to manage, or source
affordable and accessible community spaces or facilities; and, to create a sustainable
community anchor organisation that will be there for the community for the long haul.
We work with an average of 3,000 local residents a year through our Volunteer
investment programme (VIP) Work Club, Little Things That Mean Alot, TLC, ESOL,
Credit Union, and many more. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have sought the view
of the community during 2020, and we have developed a 5 year plan starting from 2021
that we are calling ‘Building The New Different’. This has been shaped by what local
residents say they want One Community to be doing in the next few years to fully
recover, and thrive from our joint experience of COVID-19.