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The Refill Cabin was made for the purpose of reducing unnecessary waste and waste that can’t be recycled or reused.

Unfortunately society has changed over the last 50 or so years and convenience, fast paced lifestyles have lead to a grab and go disposable environment. This has been devastating to the planet we live on and has been documented and reported many times and only now when its critical governments know it has to be stopped.

The Refill Cabin is my personal way of helping and giving the local community a choice of products that you can fill up on and not have hundreds of packs to throw away.

I stock, Pasta, rice, beans, couscous, sweets, crisps, dried fruit, ketchup, cereals, nuts, seeds, cleaning liquids, body care, dental care and much more.

Reduce your waste, save the planet and support a local business!

Q What if I haven't got my containers on me?

We have pre-loved containers for you to used which have been donated and cleaned ready for your use. I also sell reusable cotton bags or paper bags which I would ask you it reuse or repurpose.

Q Where do you operate?

We visit various locations across Thurrock

Refill Cabin Chafford Hundred
Weekdays 4pm - 8pm
22 Brandon Close, Chafford Hundred, Essex

Thurrock Garden Centre
Saturday, Tuesday and Bank Holidays 10am - 3pm
South Road, South Ockendon, Essex

Felipe Road Chafford Hundred
Monday & Thursday 11.30am - 12.30pm
Felipe Road, Chafford Hundred, Essex

Merlin Road Chafford Hundred
Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 11am
Merlin Close, Chafford Hundred, Essex

We will be adding more locations in the near future so please check back soon!

Refill Cabin