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THE ROOT MHSF (Mentoring, Hospitality Support Foundation); the aim is to transform communities for greater opportunities, through sewing and design training, inspiring women to become responsible, participating citizens in the textile industry, in order to meet the demand for fashion and design professionals that are currently on demand in Thurrock Essex and to be able to contribute positively to the growth of the society and Nation.
We support the most marginalized women in society, those with limited English language, victims of domestic violence, those with disabilities and learning difficulties, and those that are isolated and lonely. All beneficiaries in our program are women, and the vast majority are of Black African descent and were born outside of the UK.
The Root MHSF has been repeatedly appreciated for sewing and designing programs by the Mayor of Thurrock and other community leaders, friends, and stakeholders.



Although we are a skill training organization, The Root MHSF is an experience Organization, our objectives are to build credibility and trust, develop supporters and champions, to make sure that the needs and wishes of those we train with skills for life, the elderly people we shop for, and our stakeholders are taken into account in decision-making. Community engagement is a larger part of us, and our unique way of approaching other organizations, care homes, and churches to ensure they understand our vision, is ongoing and cyclical.

Conducting a community consultation is something, we do regularly to allow us to form relationships and get to know those who actually need our support within the community and to ensure that our vision is understood, shared, and supported in the community. Thank you for being part of our team.

During Covid 19 crisis, we began to run local food shopping services which have a range of benefits for older people, including preventing malnutrition, reducing social isolation, and loneliness, and enabling them to be independent and remain in their own homes for safety and longer.