Thurrock African Group

Thurrock African Group (TAG) is a registered charity promoting the interests of Thurrock’s African communities for over 15 years by sharing information, developing projects to enhance community cohesiveness, and connecting with the larger Thurrock community. TAG’s main initiative is Community Radio, which serves as an interface between black and minority ethnic groups.

TAG Community Radio has grown from strength to strength since its launch in 2021. The objective has been to empower BAME communities by delivering factual and culturally relevant information to help them thrive. There are various benefits to exploiting radio infrastructure to reach out to listeners and families while also addressing information shortages.

TAG community radio is used to make a difference in Thurrock’s BAME communities by reaching out and building a social hub where life-changing opportunities may be found, imparting skills, and enhancing BAME community pride. Social gain from encouraging conversation and assistance in obtaining services from statutory organisations and other service providers.